Botox Injections

What is a Botox Injection Procedure?

Botox injection procedure, also commonly known as Botox shot has become a very popular, favorable procedure for male and female candidates of all ages. Botox utilizes the ingredient Botulinium Toxin Type A to eliminate the lines and wrinkles caused by excessive muscle activity. Botox is mainly used to relax the fine muscles in the forehead and around the eyes that are responsible for the appearance of lines and wrinkles in these areas. By selectively weakening these fine muscles, these areas will have a perfectly smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Because these muscles are so fine, Botox eliminates the lines and wrinkles without disturbing the normal function of facial muscles. Botox also removes the fine lines on the neck and is used to give a natural looking lift to the angleand/or tail of the eyebrows.

Is Botox Safe?


Botox injections are totally safe. Millions of Botox treatments worldwide are received everyday. Botox was approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 years ago for the treatment of several medical conditions since 1989. The FDA has also approved Botox for cosmetic use since April 2002.

What's the Minimal Age for Botox?


Botox injections can be received at any age when needed. Candidates as early as 18 years old may use Botox if they have lines in their forehead resulting from excessive muscle activity. Other candidates as early as the early twenties use Botox to eliminate existing lines and guard against the lines becoming deeper with age and creating a permanent crease in the skin.

Who's a Good Candidate for Botox?


Everyone with a desire to eliminate the parallel lines or wrinkles in the forehead, the frown lines between the eyebrows or the lines on the outer corners of the eyes is a good candidate for Botox injections. Those who want to eliminate the fine lines on the neck or elevate the angle or tail of the eyebrows without surgery are also good candidates. The results of Botox injections are very satisfactory for both young as well as older patients. Botox injections create subtle results for a smoother face free of lines and/or wrinkles.


What are the Main Defects of the Face that Botox Injections Can Fix?


• The parallel horizontal lines on the forehead that appear deeper when the eyebrows are raised

• The parallel vertical lines between the eyebrows also known as frown lines or lion's lines

• The lines that stretch on the outer corner of the eyes that deepen during smiling also known as crow's feet

• A drooping eyebrow that makes the space between the eyebrows and the upper eyelid appear small

• A round eyebrow that doesn't have an attractive angle

• A drooping eyebrow tail that creates a sad look to the upper eyelid

• The fine horizontal lines across the neck

How Long Does a Botox Injection Treatment Take?


The whole Botox injection procedure takes five to ten minutes depending on the number of areas being treated.


What Type of Anesthesia is Used During Botox Injection?


No anesthesia is needed for Botox injection. Dr. Ibrahim may opt to use a topical anesthetic numbing cream five minutes before the injection for maximum comfort of his patients.


What are the Preparations Needed Before Botox?


No preparation is needed before Botox injections. In fact Botox is commonly referred to as the lunch break procedure, where patients can have their treatment during a normal work day's lunch break.


What is the Down Time for Botox?


There is no down time after Botox injections, patients return to their normal activities immediately after injection. As a precaution just like with any other injection, Dr. Ibrahim will ask the patient not to use any creams or make-up at the site of injection for four hours.


What Happens During a Botox Injection Procedure?


Dr. Ibrahim will ask the patient to smile, frown or raise their eyebrows to assess the amount of lines and/or wrinkles. Dr. Ibrahim will administer tiny injections of Botox at the areas where the lines and/wrinkles are present.


Is Follow up Needed After a Botox Injection Procedure?


It is important that the patient comes back to Dr. Ibrahim's clinic 10 to 14 days after the Botox injection procedure. Sometimes the muscles on one side of the forehead or eye corner are stronger than the other, during this follow up visit, Dr. Ibrahim assesses the result of Botox and may choose to touch up on a small area to create equally smooth looking skin on both sides.


What Happens After Botox?


After Botox the patient will look and feel exactly the same as they did before the treatment, no swelling or discoloration are likely to appear with almost all skin types.


When is the Final Result Seen?


The results of Botox start appearing the following day post injection. The patient will realize that the lines and/or wrinkles are starting to fade. By the fifth to seventh day most of the lines will be gone. It may take a few more days for patients with stronger facial muscles to see their full results. Generally speaking the final result for all patients of all skin types, muscle strength and age is seen 10 to 14 days post injection.


How Long Does the Result of Botox Last?


Botox injections results last for six months, sometimes more or less depending on the age of the patient, the facial muscles strength and whether he/she has used Botox before. The more times a patient uses Botox, the less lines and wrinkles reappear once Botox results fade and the more time it takes for the results to fade. It's like playing sports, if a certain muscle is not exercised for a longtime, it naturally starts getting weaker. For those who haven't used Botox before, the facial lines and/or wrinkles return back to their same exact state after the Botox result fades.